Team survives and thrives after race crash

After a tremendous, action packed weekend the Powertech Marine duo of John Donnelly and Vin Burdock overcame a major accident and secured a solid second place on the podium at the P1 Superstock powerboat races second round in Greenock, Scotland .

The weekends racing was punctuated, quite literally, by a crash between the Powertech team in their ROBE sponsored boat and RAWBANK, driven by Stuart and Sarah Cureton. Coming into a turn at around 65 MPH the following boat mis-judged the closing speed and slammed into the port side of Powertech, shattering sections of the hull. Both boats were badly damaged and RAWBANK sank before being recovered and towed back to the marina by the rescue teams. Stuart and Sarah were thrown out of their boat as the boat rolled in front of 15 000 spectators but they were soon on their way to hospital for assessment. Happily both of them are fine and will be racing again soon. John and Vin were uninjured.

Powertech’s boat was holed above and below the waterline but the guys managed to dive her back in under her own power.  After the shore teams fired into action the boat was lifted onto the shore where emergency repairs were undertaken overnight before the boys re-entered the race again on Sunday morning.

Despite the drama the Powertech crew were winning the first race before it was stopped for safety reasons and then went on to a magnificent second place in the final race of the weekend.

John and Vin still remain in the top three places in the championship with three more rounds to go.

In a true demonstration of comradeship Vin and John are sharing the driving back to the South Coast with Stuart and the three rivals are determined to make sure that they remain friends.