Mercury Racing

Mercury 450R

The Supercharged 450R

We know what moves you. Freedom. Wide-open throttles in wide-open spaces. This is the outboard you’ve been waiting for. Meet the supercharged Mercury Racing 450R.

Unrivaled Performance
Make a statement with dynamic power for slingshot acceleration. Designed, tested, and assembled in Wisconsin by the performance experts at Mercury Racing, the supercharged Mercury 450R delivers exhilarating performance across the entire RPM range.

Inspired Engineering
Performance without compromise. From the cowl to the prop, Mercury Racing engineers sought to redefine the capability of our highest-performance outboard motor. The 450R is armed with battle-tested design features and innovative technology.

Advanced Technology
We pursue innovation. Mercury Racing applies technology to elevate every aspect of the high-performance boating experience. The 450R offers power, control, reliability and convenience that will shatter the expectations of the most-demanding powerboaters on the water.

Unparalleled Efficiency
No wasted weight. No wasted fuel. No wasted hours. The 450R offers durability and efficiency that rivals its impressive performance. Every ounce of each component was scrutinized to achieve maximum power with minimal weight. Reliability is built in, so you can run Wide Open with confidence.